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So, apparently -30 degrees is really fucking cold.
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Interior Lakes (Below the Boat) - laser cut plywood bathymetric charts

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11th December 2012 @ 01:02am


Solidarity with Michigan workers - Overpass Light Brigade

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6th December 2012 @ 07:29pm


Workers, students, clergy and community members pepper-sprayed and locked out of Michigan Capitol as GOP attempts to push through a Right-to-Work bill

The protestors filled three floors of the rotunda inside the Capitol building. They also made their presence known in and around the Romney Building. They could be heard chanting “Hey he, ho ho, right-to-work has got to go” as they banged on railings inside the Capitol. Michigan State Police arrested at least three of the protestors and pepper sprayed a handful of others.

Photo from AFT Michigan


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17th October 2012 @ 12:23pm


45 Litchfield - Abandoned Farmhouse (1) by Rural Michigan Architecture on Flickr.

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20th September 2012 @ 03:18pm



Grand Rapids Artprize
Stick Horses In the River!

For some reason this one seems right.

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5th August 2012 @ 12:36pm

Presented by Friends of the High Line in partnership with the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and The Trust for Public Land, this video features an hour-long presentation and discussion of new and revived public spaces in Detroit. It is part of Beyond the High Line, an ongoing series of free talks to educate and inspire conversation about the transformation of the country’s out-of-use industrial infrastructure into public open space.

In this video, Faye Alexander Nelson, of the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, and Phillip Cooley, of the Roosevelt Park Conservancy, talk about the role that public spaces in Detroit is playing in the city’s evolution.

Beyond the High Line continues in the fall with free public talks on New York City’s Low Line and New Orleans’ Lafitte Corridor. To get the dates, times, locations, and more details about these talks and others, visit www.thehighline.org to sign up for our email newsletter, like the High Line on Facebook, or follow @highlinenyc on Twitter.

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18th June 2012 @ 12:16pm

apparently someone is going around my neighborhood hanging signs that read “no ho zone”, “welcome to lansing’s red light district”, etc. so i am going to go around hanging counter signs for the protection of sex workers and arguments for the legalization of prostitution. 

if you can come up with a witty saying let me know.

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17th June 2012 @ 09:54pm


Often the most conservative states are the least family-friendly. The National Partnership for Women and Families made this map report card to show which states have the worst policies for families and new parents. So much for “traditional family values”!

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26th April 2012 @ 05:42pm
Update on the students who walked out yesterday in Detroit



basically: mass suspensions. all for demanding a quality education.

but also—resistance: students are talking about running a freedom school during the week of suspensions!

I hope they do so. I feel as though the freedom school would be significantly more threatening to the establishment that refuses to give them an education. refuse to teach us? we’ll teach ourselves… and you might not like what we learn

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19th April 2012 @ 03:10pm
Newest Michigan museum showcases racist artifacts

I cannot imagine how powerful and disheartening this place would be. I want to check it out some day.

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22nd February 2012 @ 12:02pm


An attempt at some jello shots with Michigan Ice Cube Trays! (Taken with instagram)

15th February 2012 @ 06:21pm


Michigan’s Hostile Takeover
A new “emergency” law backed by right-wing think tanks is turning Michigan cities over to powerful managers who can sell off city hall, break union contracts, privatize services—and even fire elected officials.

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6th February 2012 @ 05:14pm


Belle Isle aquarium and conservatory

designed by Albert Kahn

photo cred: U. Yousuf

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3rd February 2012 @ 03:44pm


Destroy All Monsters - You’re Gonna Die

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