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Art in countryside

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Осторожно, листопад!

Look out, leaf fall!

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Soviet bicycle troops with war dogs on parade, Moscow, Russia, 1 May 1938

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Really cool video by Finnish free-ski stylists of the group Nipwitz skiing through some abandoned areas in Russia’s Murmansk Oblast.

Some parts reminded me of people just trying to have some fun in a post-apocalyptic world. ~maybe a short story idea.

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This tattoo is known as ‘The Great Cannibal - the organiser of the Great Terror’ or ‘We were born to make Kafka reality’.

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Victory Parade. June 24, 1945. Moscow. Red Square.

С Днем Великой Победы всех!!!!!! УРА!!! 

Watch whole parade (49 min) 

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Moscow appears at the center of this nighttime image photographed by the Expedition 30 crew aboard the International Space Station, flying at an altitude of approximately 240 miles on March 28, 2012. A solar array panel for the space station is on the left side of the frame. The view is to the north-northwest from a nadir of approximately 49.4 degrees north latitude and 42.1 degrees east longitude, about 100 miles west-northwest of Volgograd. The Aurora Borealis, airglow and daybreak frame the horizon.

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Moscow, Russia

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Girl Band ‘Pussy Riot’ Arrested for Anti-Putin Song in Kremlin

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Photographer Christopher Herwig documents the strange phenomena of the Soviet bus-stop. For the most part Sovjet architecture is remembered by its heavy block buildings and functionally spartan designs. It’s overpowering desire for conformity left little room for individual creative freedom. A notable exemption to this is in the transportation sector. One can admire this creativity in the metro station of cites like Moscow or  Tashkent where the coldness and sterility of typical Soviet urban architecture and costs are not spared as creative freedom is unleashed. While many of us are aware of the elaborate splendor of the Moscow underground, its easy to overlook the phenomena of the common roadside bus stop as an example of  Soviet art and design letting loose and becoming a little weird and crazy.

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Among Moscow’s large population of homeless canines, a small minority who frequent or inhabit its metro have attracted international attention due to their having learned how to use the trains to commute to and from various locations.

The dogs have learned to cross the street with pedestrians and have been observed obeying traffic lights.

never not going to reblog metrodogs gonna adopt them all

my feels.. 

I know my blog is usually like WHOA CATS but man, I love doggies, too.

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Urban planner drafts perfect Moscow landscape — RT

The City Hall has approved extending the capital’s borders to the south-west by 2014. According to the plan, the city territory will more than double.

Professor Edward Blakely, an urban policy and disaster recovery expert, told RT that in order to avoid complications, Moscow should adopt a multi-centered composition.

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OCCUPY MOSCOW   Protesters gathered in Bolotnaya Square in Russia’s capital on Saturday.  Organizers say between forty and 80,000 Russians demonstrated against recent parliamentary election results which observers, including former Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev, have dismissed as fraudulent.  Protesters chanted “Putin is a Thief” and “Russia Without Putin” in the largest anti-goverment action since the fall of the Soviet Union.  (Photo: Yuri Kadobnov / AFP-Getty via the New York Times; caption via the Times)

Is Vladimir “President For Life!” Putin in trouble?


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