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You were a kindness when I was a stranger.

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2089. Ink Remover Printer. A design concept, by Kim Su Yeon that proposes to use laser technology to remove ink from previously printed pages, recycling both paper and ink. 

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Life in Africa has many challenges: from disease to poverty and war. The continent also has a reputation for extreme difficulties that are fixable, but a lack of resources often prevents the problems from being solved.This is where resourcefulness comes into play: if you don’t have what you need make do with what you already have. A surplus of empty plastic bottles is something that not only affects Africa, but the entire planet. (Read More)

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The Noble and most Ancient House of Black.

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The Patient Gardener, a 60-year long project to create a two-story retreat out of Japanese cherry trees.

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Monster Slipper of the Day: Tom Boddingham is the proud owner of a brand new monster’s paw-shaped bed. One problem, though: He ordered a slipper.

Boddingham says the Chinese company that manufactures the slipper missed the decimal point in his custom order: He wanted a size 14.5 left, but got a size 1,450 instead.

“It was sent directly from Hong Kong and measures 210 x 130 x 65cms – the same length as a grizzly bear or a family car,” the 27-year-old for Ilford, East London, is quoted as saying. “I reckon I must be the owner of the biggest slipper in the world.”

The Hong Kong-based company has since apologized to Boddingham, and promised to send him a replacement slipper. Asked why the request for a XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL monster’s paw didn’t raise any flags, a spokesman said the employees thought it was meant as a prop for a window display.


the happiest mistake of anyone’s life UGGGHHHHHH

oh my god

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computer casemod

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CHUD Salutes
11 by 17
Hand S&N Limited Edition
of only 100
Order Here

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Art Deco Architecture: Kelly Art Deco Light Museum


John Harris (granpaorca@gmail.com) writes:

Don’t know if this is up your alley, I you love art deco, you will be blown away by this obscure museum in Port Townsend, Washington, USA.

Over 300 light, chandeliers, sconces, and lighting sets are on display in the upstairs free museum. They are a wonder! Reproduction are also on sale, but are eclipsed by the labor intensive real things. No photograph does them justice.

Kelly Art Deco Light Museum

Vintage Hardware & Lighting

Vintage Hardware - Article from Travelworld Magazine

From the Editor:

Of course this is up my alley!

In fact I’ll throw out a related link, for Rejuvenation, the leading maker of reproduction vintage 19th & 20th century lighting. I have a ceiling 1920s lamp I bought from them for my office and their catalogs make me drool. Their Deco collection is awesome!

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This is a trailer about the founders of Hogwarts. I would watch the shit out of this movie.

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