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Star Wars Battlefront Online. Leaked Concept Art via gameinformer.

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27th July 2012 @ 05:28pm

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Aang and his mentors — requested by anon

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5th May 2012 @ 01:01pm
danville, a mini-town in an airplane hanger

Danville, a 3,000-square-foot airplane hangar-turned-1940s mini-town. contains O’Shaw’s Irish Pub, a working bar with a kegerator; the Danville Inn, a two-bedroom hotel with a custom kitchen, a lavishly decorated living room, and a balcony; and a 15-by-15-foot movie screen. Adding authenticity to the town are midcentury antiques, period-appropriate street lights and phones, and windows sourced from a 1920s house.

Click link to watch the video. I couldn’t embed it.

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Are you gonna tell him he’s doing it wrong?

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British company Pavegen has developed a new paving tile that captures the energy of footsteps and turns it into electricity.

On a small scale, one day’s worth of foot traffic over a few tiles could power one street light overnight. In another recent field test at a music festival, dancers stomping on a dance floor with Pavegen tiles generated enough energy to recharge their mobile phones.

The company’s first big field test will come this summer at the London Olympics. Pavegen will be installing its system just outside the Westfield Stratford Shopping Center, one of Europe’s biggest and busiest urban shopping malls. The tiles will be placed on one of the main pedestrian thoroughfares leading into nearby London Olympic Park. Depending on the foot traffic, the company hopes its tiles might be able to power the mall’s entire lighting system. More.

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19th January 2012 @ 11:23am
cassette tape lamp

more pictures!

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Durban’s newest sculpture is powered by bicycles. Read an interview with its creator on This Big City.


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12th November 2011 @ 01:25pm

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30th October 2011 @ 10:18pm

Harry Potter concept art by Adam Brockbank 

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