5th September 2014 @ 05:08pm

You must’ve stomped right up and scared away my death.

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2nd September 2014 @ 06:06pm

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13th August 2014 @ 11:29pm



Fingers//It Looks Sad.
Seriously could not be more proud of these guys. It’s been awesome watching them get better and better from the start. Last night was the first show of their tour so if you’re anywhere up North come check them out this week.
It Looks Sad.

So damn good.

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3rd August 2014 @ 12:32am

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8th March 2014 @ 12:53am

I am a day late but remember when Mark Linkous killed himself four years ago? That sucked. He didn’t make a song I didn’t like, but this is a favorite.

There will come a time gigantic
Waves will crush the junk that I have saved
When the moon explodes or floats away
I’ll lose the souvenirs I made
La la la

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13th February 2014 @ 11:45pm

They say “Now don’t be a stranger.”,
It really don’t matter to me,
I’d be willing to wager,
That it don’t matter much if we keep in touch.

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12th February 2014 @ 01:19am

Oh, meet me anyplace or anywhere or anytime,
Now I don’t care, meet me tonight,
If you will dare, I might dare.

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15th January 2014 @ 01:23am

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27th November 2013 @ 09:35pm

I turn my phone off
I sold my laptop
And then I took right off
To the West

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31st August 2013 @ 03:38pm

I’m humming like washing machines through the window,
And feeling glad that I saw you in your favorite jeans.

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24th May 2013 @ 02:27pm

pohgoh - manufactured to comply

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7th April 2013 @ 01:50pm

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26th February 2013 @ 10:58am

the men - please don’t go away

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30th January 2013 @ 07:10pm


duster - gold dust

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11th January 2013 @ 07:39pm

I want a house,
Built of old wood,
You can paint it any color you like,
Just so long as I can live with you.

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