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this is so cool!

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Åndalsnes is a small Norwegian city that serves as a gateway to the region’s magnificent fjords — but it’s in need of a makeover. Jagnefält Milton Architecture has proposed a unique way to enliven the city: a hotel that rolls on the many train tracks that connect the town to the outside world. Spotted on designboom, the award-winning concept is a kinetic structure that can take visitors into the heart of the fjords in an environmentally-sensitive fashion. The architects even envision a master plan for an entire town that can move on tracks, spread out during the summer, and huddle close in the winter.


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Designer Danny Kuo combines the concept of bookshelf with staircase

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Adventuretime Trio. This is amazing

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Korra and Asami, dancing in a club in Republic City. I love thinking about this setting and the characters and their connection to each other in this setting. 
I listen to several fitting music pieces while drawing this, for example this and this

A sequel to those pictures.

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The Bennie Railplane, 1929

Meant to travel above conventional rail systems the Railplane would act as an express lane  for passengers while slower freight traffic would continue below. 

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