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Art in countryside

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“Your Name? Robot,” Soviet children’s book, 1979, cover (via A Journey Round My Skull)

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“Love the city. Take care of its beauty”

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Руското посолство в Хавана.

Макар да е построена през 80-те години на миналия век, все още се спори дали тази сграда прилича повече на забит в земята меч или на спринцовка.

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The Soviet Embassy in Havana, Cuba. By architect Alexander Rochegov. Built in 1985.

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Superhero Style Statue of Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin

It’s very Atompunk and Futuristic.

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ER22 Soviet jet train by Kalininsky carriage-building factory (c.1970s).

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You know what looks like a lot of fun? Dropping Soviet T-80 battle tanks from huge Soviet cargo planes, using both a parachute and retro-rockets to slow them down just before they land safely on Earth.

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The Red Army in 1927

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Valentina Tereshkova. A proletariat that worked in a textile factory and parachuted for funsies, this lady was one of the five chosen by the Soviet space program. She joined up with the USSR Air Force and then became a cosmonaut in the 1960s. In 1963, the Soviets decided to send her to space on the Vostok 6. She put the American space program to shame, logging more space hours than any American astronaut had at that time having spent three days (48 orbits) out of the atmosphere. At 26 she became the first and only fucking lady in space for nineteen years. Still alive and kickin’ at 74 in Russia, she has won pretty much all of the honors and has been elected to a bunch of committees.

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Death to the Bourgeoisie and Their Henchmen. Long live the Red Terror!

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Soviet troops advance, Stalingrad

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soviet propaganda posters

During the early days of the invasion, as the German advance was making rapid progress, artists and writers gathered in Moscow under the banner of the TASS News Agency to look for a way to boost the rapidly sagging Soviet morale. Their solution was to produce massive posters that vilified the Nazis and lauded the Soviet resistance while commenting on the news of the war effort. Particularly notable for being produced under the totalitarian regime of Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin, their efforts stand out as some of the most striking works of art from World War II.

Discovered in 1997, deep in a storage area in the Art Institute of Chicago, these monumental posters — some up to 10 feet tall — are now on display at that museum. The captions below are translations of the posters’ text.

Above, a poster reads: “Long live our native, invincible Red Army — powerful fortress of the peaceful labor of the people of the USSR, faithful guardian of the achievements of the October Socialist Revolution.”

more posters

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Yevdokiya Nikolayevna Zavaliy was a seventeen year old nurse during WWII. When she was mistaken for a man on the field, she decided to go along with it, and fought in several battles. Her superiors appointed her as the leader of a reconnaissance squad, and she became a sergeant and was seriously wounded (over the course of the war, she’d be wounded four times). She retained command even after her gender was discovered, and her machine gun platoon continued to participate in heavy fighting on the front lines—the Germans nicknamed her “Frau Black Death.” She died in 2010, a member of four military orders and the recipient of over 40 medals of honor.

(More here: Yevdokiya Zavaliy: the Woman Hero of WWII | English Russia)

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